3D Artist


Humanoid Studios is a new videogame company founded on the axiom that creative freedom and independence lead to better, more innovative games. We believe in the power of small, agile teams, and a flat organizational structure, where everyone is empowered to make decisions and help drive the project vision.

We are a Canadian company with offices in B.C. and Alberta, offering a flexible work environment combining from-home, in-office, and remote work – as well as industry-leading compensation and benefits. By joining Humanoid, you will be welcomed into a diverse team of talented developers creating an immersive new universe of story, character, and discovery.      

Role Description

As a 3D Artist at Humanoid, you will produce some of the very first assets for our new fictional universe, working with the Creative Director and Art Director to explore and define the aesthetic, and set a gold standard for quality of in-game art. Initial work will be in support of pre-production and prototyping, and later will move on to producing 3D art for the game at final quality.

While we are still under COVID-19 restrictions this role will initially be work-from-home, but per your preference it can transition to mostly in-office either in B.C. or Alberta, as part of our flexible location model.


  • Work with the Creative Director and Art Director to adapt aesthetic concepts to real 3D game assets
  • Create a variety of high quality, game-ready 3D models and shaders, including characters, vehicles, and props
  • Define a standard for art assets and support the integration and feedback of outsourced art
  • Collaborate with other team members to ensure art is integrated seamlessly with other facets of the game


  • 5 years experience or at least one shipped title as a 3D Artist
  • Experience creating high-quality models and shaders for Unreal Engine
  • Broad 3D art skills, including photogrammetry, retopology, UV unwrapping, shader editors
  • Able to create a variety of art at high quality, including characters, environmental objects, vehicles, and props
  • Self-motivated and able to collaborate well with team members of all development disciplines

To apply, please send your CV to careers@humanoidstudios.com