Sr. Creative Director


Humanoid Studios is a new videogame company founded on the axiom that creative freedom and independence lead to better, more innovative games. We believe in the power of small, agile teams, and a flat organizational structure, where everyone is empowered to make decisions and help drive the project vision.

We are a Canadian company with offices in B.C. and Alberta, offering a flexible work environment combining from-home, in-office, and remote work – as well as industry-leading compensation and benefits.  By joining Humanoid, you will be welcomed into a diverse team of talented developers creating an immersive new universe of story, character, and discovery.      

Role Description

As Sr. Creative Director at Humanoid, you will drive the overall creative vision for the game, including its broader fictional universe and IP.  This will involve project-level planning and decision-making to keep the production focused on the vision, communicating the vision among internal developers and external partners, and encouraging an environment of empowerment and collaboration among the team.

With the ability to push for quality across multiple creative disciplines, and a passion for developing innovative new approaches, you will bring together all aspects of the game experience into a powerful cohesive vision.

While we are still under COVID-19 restrictions this role will initially be work-from-home, but per your preference it can transition to mostly in-office either in B.C. or Alberta, as part of our flexible location model.


  • Work with studio and project leaders to identify creative goals for the project
  • Define a creative vision for the game across all aspects of the experience
  • Create an environment of collaboration where each team member shares in the creation of the vision
  • Communicate the vision to the team and other partners through clear, compelling storytelling
  • Identify, design, and evolve prototypes to validate and demonstrate fundamental game concepts
  • Provide direction to team members and external partners to help their work align with the vision
  • Work with other project leaders to manage prioritization, scheduling and resourcing


  • Around 10 years of experience in creative leadership roles in the videogame industry
  • Experience in content creation across multiple shipped games, from preproduction to launch
  • Experience in developing new IP and story development
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills, with a supportive and collaborative working style
  • A deep understanding of game engines and ability to integrate technical feasibility into a creative vision
  • Excellent storytelling skills, with the ability to create and deliver powerful presentations
  • Strong organizational skills and experience with scheduling and project management software
  • A deep understanding of the state of the art in games – new methods, technologies, and best practices
  • A passion for creative excellence and innovation

To apply, please send your CV to